Catch the action on over 200 miles of pristine snowmobile trails just a few miles outside of Grangeville, Idaho.


Milner Area Snowmobile Trail

The Milner Trail, which stretches 40 miles to the historic gold mining town of Florence, begins at the Fish Creek Meadows parking lot 7 miles south of Grangeville on Grangeville Salmon Road.  This county maintained road is plowed throughout the winter season a few miles past Fish Creek Meadows.

Base Elevation: 5000

Elevation: 8000

Prime Season: November-April


Buffalo Hump Corridor Snowmobile Trail

The Buffalo Hump Corridor is a section near the Gospel Hump Wilderness that is open to snowmobiling. This is a very remote area where caution and good preparation is suggested.

Directions to Trailhead:   From Elk City, Idaho (accessed from Grangeville via Hwy 14)  head to Orogrande.

Prime Season: December-March


Elk City Snowmobile Trails

This area of forest has over 350 miles of groomed trails if weather permits. Elevations range from 3000 feet down by rivers to over 6000 ft on ridges and mountains. At Anderson Butte there is a fire tower with magnificent views of wilderness areas. Many experienced riders leave groomed trails and follow marked trail to the top of Anderson Butte and back around by Black Hawk Mountain.

Trail Information: Hwy. 13 to Sally Ann Road outside of Harpster and up to Clearwater Idaho.  Groomed trails start at snow level and follow Elk City Wagon Road to Hamby Saddle, where there is a warming shelter. You can travel up to Iron Mountain for a terrific view and then off to Elk Summit or O’Hara Saddle.

Ungroomed trails lead to Fenn Ranger Station and back around to Leitch Creek Road by way of Lookout Butte.  The Newsome Creek Road from Hwy. 14 up to Lytle Cow Camp is a nice ride but not groomed.

From O’Hara Saddle you have groomed trails on 464 and 443 and then down Ericson Ridge into Elk City.  Another groomed route is located from Elk Summit down through Buffalo Gulch and to the airstrip in Elk City.

Out of Elk City there is a groomed trail out to American River and out 1809 towards Anderson Butte. From Elk City traveling south there are groomed trails out to Red River or to Orogrande. From the top of Mother Lode Road coming out of Elk City there is a trail groomed to Hot Springs Road and then on down to Dixie. For other groomed trail information call Earl Sherrer at 208-842-2557

Base Elevation: 3000

Elevation: 6000

Facilities: Warming Hut Parking

Prime Season: November-April

Fish Creek Meadows Nordic Park ‘n Ski One mile from Snowhaven, offers 10 miles of groomed, double-tracked cross country ski trails (4 loops of 2 to 7 miles). A ski trail connects with Snowhaven. The Fish Creek Park ‘n Ski is maintained by the Clearwater Ranger District of the Nez Perce National Forest. Get your Park-n-Ski Permit in Grangeville at Rae Brothers Sporting Goods on Main Street or online at
For more info about Fish Creek Meadows, visit

Adjacent to Fish Creek Meadows is the trailhead for snowmobilers
to ride the old Milner Wagon Road, which once served the gold camps of Buffalo Hump and fabulous Florence in the late 1800’s. Over 100 miles of groomed snowmobile trails are maintained by the Sno-Drifters Snowmobile Club of Grangeville.


Notes: Various trails provide easy access to more than two million acres of the Nez Perce National Forest. Winchester State Park offers 100 miles of groomed trails. The Craig Mountain area, 15 miles S. of Lewiston, is a system near the Soldiers Meadow Reservoir. More than 150 miles of groomed trails connect the Waha Lake area to Winchester, Keuterville and Cottonwood. This spectacular riding area goes to the breaks of the Snake and Salmon rivers. All of the trails are well marked and snow depths range from one to four feet.
Did you know the funds issued by the State of Idaho to various areas are reliant on the number of designations indicated for a particular snowmobiling area? If you spend most of your time in a specific snowmobile area such as 25 (outside of the Grangeville area) or 25B (Dixie and Elk City area) then make sure you designate that area when you buy your annual permit. The state looks at the number of designations for that particular area and that number determines the amount of funds issued for grooming machines, grooming, etc.