The idea of a hot spring is appealing year round. Whether you prefer the natural surrounding of an undeveloped hot spring or the convenience of developed ones, there are several in the area to choose from.

Jerry Johnson is a natural host spring located 77 miles east of Kooskia on U.S. Hwy 12. A sign marks the trail entrance and is approximately a one mile hike into the three hot spring pools. There is a day use order in place from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. There is no camping and there are no facilities available at the hot spring.

Weir Creek, a natural hot spring, is located about 67 miles east of Kooskia on U.S. Hwy 12. The trail entrance is marked with a sign and the 1/4 mile hike leads to two hot springs. There are no facilities but camping is allowed.

Stanley is a natural hot spring and is located approximately 48 miles east of Kooskia on U.S. Hwy 12. the trail head for the five-and-a-half mile hike is located in the Wilderness Gateway campground and is marked with a sign. There are approximately two pools at the hot spring and other than the normal wilderness rules, there are no further restrictions. Parking in the campground may or may not be avilable during the winter.

Red River Hot Springs:

For more information about the hot springs, contact the U.S. Forest Service at 208-983-1950