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There’s a little town in the heart of Idaho where the spirit of the West is alive and well.

Grangeville … right in the middle of the state that’s second only to Alaska in designated wilderness areas.


Idaho … the Gem State that boasts the deepest gorge in North America, Hells Canyon, which is less than an hour from Grangeville Idaho.


Five other rivers flow nearby, three of which are also designated wild and scenic:  the Snake River, Salmon River, Clearwater River, South Fork Clearwater River, Selway River and Lochsa River.


Grangeville, surrounded by five wilderness areas and four national forests, totaling about 5 1/2 million acres include the Nez Perce National Forest, the Clearwater National Forest…..  FINISH THIS INFO


Grangeville Idaho is a town which enjoys a fascinating history, complete with gold rushes, Indian wars, railroad feuds and all of the colorful lore of the Old West.


If you’re lucky, you’ll ‘top up onto the prairie’, as the locals say, just about sunset. A rosy glow blankets the little town whose elevation and population meet at around 3500. The foothills of the Bitterroot Mountains provide a beautiful frame along the horizon of peaks and valleys along the south end of Grangeville  and wrapping to the views in the east where the sun peaks at dawn in another rosy glow the Nez Perce Indians named “ee-DA-ho”.


Grangeville Idaho sits on Idaho’s major north/south highway, U.S. Highway 95, the major route from southern Idaho to Washington or Montana.  Grangeville’s Main Street is Highway 13 meeting U.S. Highway 95 on its west end and winding down over 2000 feet to the South Fork of the Clearwater River where Hwy 13 carries motorists along the beautiful river corridor either eastward to Elk City on Hwy 14, or to Kooskia Idaho at the junction of Hwy 12 to Lewiston Idaho or Missoula Montana.


Grangeville Idaho sits in one of the country’s largest counties, Idaho County — bigger than the state of New jersey – yet boasting one of the smallest populations, just 15,000 in the entire county.  Idaho County stretches from Oregon to Montana with more than four million trees growing from border to border.  Grangeville Idaho is the County Seat of Idaho County and provides a spoke of commerce at the Idaho County Courthouse located at the corner of Highway 13 and Idaho Street at the one stop light in the entire county.

Explore Grangeville and let us know if we can make your visit a bit more comfortable. You may decide never to leave!