Come and explore the Grangeville Visitor Center and the wonderful people you will meet there.

We’re located in Eimers Park at the Junction of Highway 95 North and North Pine – Grangeville, Idaho


Seasonal Hours:

Summer Schedule
beginning April 1st:

10 am to 4 pm Monday thru Friday

Winter Schedule
beginning Sept. 1st

10.00 am to 2.00 pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday

About Our Visitors Center

The Visitor Center is managed and staffed by volunteers out of our Grangeville community. Hours vary depending on volunteer availability.

Informational books, brochures and maps are available. Free crayons and coloring sheets are available to children who visit the center. Mementos of your trip to beautiful Idaho are available for sale.

Relax in the friendly atmosphere of the Center, view the handcrafted art displays of some of the well-known artist of the area, i.e.: Wood Carving by Angus Kennedy, Rawhide Braiding of Horace Henderson, Ray Holes Leather Art, and the Silver Engraving of C.H. “Bill” Ketcham.

Featuring Grangeville’s Mammoth Replica Display

View an actual mammoth humerus bone on display, which was discovered and excavated from nearby Tolo Lake in September 1994. Then you may wish to stroll down the path to view a complete life-sized mammoth skeleton.  Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy Eimers-Soltman Park; potable water is available outside and clean restrooms are available inside the Center during regular visiting hours.