The Grangeville Chamber of Commerce is promoting “Advantage Grangeville“.   This title was coined by one of our local business owners. “Advantage Grangeville” means that almost all of the goods and services that Grangeville residents desire are available within our community.

As the Chamber continues to grow, so do the benefits that become available to our members. The following benefits are provided to assure that you, as a business owner, can take “Advantage” of the many worthwhile opportunities “Advantage Grangeville” has to offer.


Affiliation with the Chamber provides you with legitimacy in the local business community. Your Chamber membership says that you value the business associations and visibility that come with this affiliation. Your membership represents a commitment to the values of the Grangeville Idaho community.


If you have a question regarding a community, who do you call? The Chamber of Commerce. We receive dozens of inquiries every day about products, services, recreation, dining and lodging. We are proud to refer Chamber members when responding to these requests.

Website Exposure is the official community website sponsored by the Grangeville Chamber. The website currently receives a hign number of average visits per day from people all over the world. These visits translate into exposure for your business from business directory listings at

Membership dues entitle you to a complete business listing at including name(s), address, phone, fax, e-mail and your web-site address hot-linked free.  Inbound links to your own website create relevancy and organic link popularity for your business website.  More click-thru visits to your website from means increased search engine rankings for your online business presence and exposure to your products and services.

Members of the Grangeville Idaho Chamber of Commerce will now have access to their own page on our website.   Visit our Members Only page for details on the advantages and features of this new benefit to our membership base.

Tourism and Promotion

The natural beauty and rich history of the Grangeville area encourages a variety of outdoor and educational pursuits. We execute an annual multi-media campaign designed to encourage tourists to get away to Grangeville and its surrounding area, thereby increasing the dollars that flow into the local economy.

Visitor Information

As a member, you are invited to use our lobby area to display your business cards and brochures for walk-in visitors who are looking for goods and services. The lobby area of the Chamber office also includes tourist literature from the state and immediate area. We provide relocation and visitor’s packets to people throughout the United States.

Business After Hours Mixers

This is a perfect way to showcase your business by developing relationships and referrals that are key to growing a business. Please call the Chamber Office to schedule your Business After-Hours Mixers.

Working With You, For You

The Grangeville Merchants Association and The GEM Team are two very active sub-committees of the Grangeville Chamber of Commerce.


The GEM (Grangeville Economic Management) Team works with the Ida-Lew Economic Development Council to bring new businesses to the area. They also work together to help local businesses with any efforts they have to expand or to maintain their current level of operations, and assist local entrepreneurs with getting their enterprises started by connecting with individuals or organizations that can provide the information they need.


The Grangeville Merchants Association coordinates advertising promotions and events for the downtown area. The GMA is an energetic group of business owners and employees who are proud of what Grangeville has to offer to the Grangeville community and the surrounding area.